mountain tops

Psalm 72:16, "And there shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall fourish like grass of the earth"

life is full of ups (mountains) and downs (valleys). how does one survive the valleys? by gaining sustenance upon the mountain tops. get all you can while on the mountain!

I am speaking spiritually, ie: God's Word. it is by being daily in the bible that you will gain the nourishment from your Heavenly Father for the valleys that He has prepared for you in life. as it is throught hose valleys you will grow.

I find it interesting that is says the "fruit shall shake". in order for fuit to shake it needs to be in a constant state of movement. for me it means spiritual fruit that the Father has planted & watered within a Christian upon the mountain tops. most valleys are dry so one needs an abundance of fruit for the duration. it is only through the valleys that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is tested. will they sustain the Pilgrim or shrivel on the vine?

lastly, "the city will flourish". how? by submitting to the Father's cultivation on the mountain top, the Spirit's guidance in the valley, & the Saviour's life lived through you on a daily basis. one can never slack while on the mounatin top! prepare for the coming battles in the valley ahead! only then will our living Saviour be able to flourish through day by day.

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