hello, I am a tree & I am fat

Psalm 92:13 & 14, "Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall be fat and flourishing:"

I’ve never been through a 12-step program of any kind, thank God, but I understand the concept. the individual seeking help chooses to enroll in the selected program in hopes of overcoming their addiction or problem. God on the other hand has a different kind of program called the 24-7-365-life program. the concept is much harder to understand, and many people choose not to enlist as it involves a total life commitment. odd because every Christian is enrolled whether they want to be or not.

this 24-7-365 program has only one guideline: complete obedience to the Heavenly Father. the best part about the guideline is Jesus Christ Himself helps you follow that rule! the reason why? He wants you to become fat. yes, fat. rolly polly, plump and juicy, busting at the seams, enormous kind of fat that only He can appreciate.

how does this become accomplished? you get planted. yes, planted. every Christian is a tree planted somewhere in God’s garden. Psalm 1:3, "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season." if you choose to soak up the Son, you grow. if you choose not to, you whither away.

the why of becoming planted? to bear fruit (John 15:8), i.e.: win souls. you see a fat tree bears much fruit – hence being known as a fat tree. the more you soak up the Son, the fatter you become. the fatter you become, the more fruit you bear. the more fruit you bear, the more you need to soak up the Son. vicious cycle yet one that the Father delights to see.

I say all this to bring you to the whole reason to become fat: glory. yes, glory. glory to the Heavenly Father; who in His grace and mercy chose to save your soul from the eternal flame. you in turn must be used to win souls for Him. there is no use of having a skinny tree around. no shade. no shelter. no fruit.

oh may my boughs droop with fruit. oh may I become a fat tree!


LORD thy God

placed throughout the book of Deuteronomy there are 3 words that form a phrase that God has placed within His Scriptures that just seem to jump out at you. Those 3 words are little in length but mighty in speech.

the phrases are "LORD our God", "LORD thy God" and "LORD my God". it is not by chance that God uses the personal pronouns of our, thy and my. one could say they are possessive. exactly! God wants us to be possessive of Him. just as He wants to be possessive of us.

those phrases repeat a total of 294 times. I would dare say that God is trying to get my attention, wouldn't you? even if it has to be repeated 294 times.


song of reproof

Deuteronomy 32
verse 4: God is my Rock. He can only do perfect work.
verse 10: God knows exactly where I am at all times.
verse 12: God alone is my leader. my fellow brethren are there for counsel as He speaks through them.
verse 15: do not take the Rock of your salvation lightly!
verse 20: do not put yourself in a position where God hides His face from you.
verse 31: relying on you is to not rely on the Rock of your salvation.
verse 39: God alone is able to take care of you. He needs no help.


the word is redeemed

I was wrong and I admit it. my post on 5/28 was half truth and half false as part of it was me listening to the devil. the section about being disqualified to serve God as a missionary is a lie the devil had me half-believing. if I had chosen to wait one more day, then I would have been able to refute the devil and his lie with a solid portion of scripture (beyond what I already was quoting - I Cor. 10:5).

here is how it went down... at the same time the Father ordered me to do something specific in regards to my call, the devil butted in and tried to mess things up. I'm learning the devil is having to come up with new game plans as the old ones don't work anymore. PRAISE GOD! what the Father was trying to get me to see is that currently I am unqualified, not disqualified, but He will train me to become qualified. every task He gives brings me one step closer to becoming qualified and one step closer to His plan. trust me, these lessons were never taught in Bible college!

this has taught me to be patient even if I don't understand. I admit it was a bitter pill to swallow what the devil was feeding me and posting didn't help. it only made me more tranparent. so now you know for sure I am by no means perfect. again I sincerely apologize to my readers and will make certain that all future posts get filtered through the Holy Spirit before posting.

this testing is more difficult than expected but I know He is right there beside me. one thing I am certain of is that I am able to see my Lord more clearer than ever before. testing is by far the best Spiritual eye-cleanser out there!