then came amalek

the first three words of Exodus 17:8 are by no means cheery. they are written just after God's people have been refreshed from the water at the smitten rock. yesterday for me was a day spent with the Smitten Rock (Jesus Christ). He and I accomplished many tasks. but just about 10:30 pm Amalek, or the flesh, attempted to take over. my denied, starving for attention flesh seems to attack, many times, right about 10:30 pm in hopes of being satisfied.

I have to praise God that it is only through Him that I make it without succumbing. you might ask, is it difficult to resist? I will not lie and say no. it is at those times I lean ever more pressed into the Lord. the Father brings to mind verses to help me resist and reminds me of the deliverance He has already given.

verse 16 states, “that the LORD will have war with Amalek, from generation to generation.” we will continue to battle our flesh until we are freed from it's earthly grasp either in death or at the rapture. and who will be there every time to make sure we obtain the victory? none other than our Heavenly Father! now that's worth shouting about. especially at 10:30 pm! HALLELUJAH!

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