you and what army

I honestly think that warmer weather feeds road rage. over the winter one tries to drive carefully. watching the road and those who seemingly have never driven in an Indiana winter. odd how that at the first sign of tulips everyone pushes the speed limit. the mirror reflects our lives. we push the envelope with God just to see where it leads. will He bring the hammer down? is it this time He chooses to correct? living on the edge in the fast lane does not always bring the benefits one desires. just look at the multiple fender benders.

Romans 8:37 tells, “In all things we are more than conquerers through him that loved us.” who knew that when Jesus died for our sins we would become the benefactors of His death. we can be conquerers and live in His “lane” with His power. with God all things are possible so who is to say we cannot become obedient to His word by allowing ourselves to be Spirit controlled. the bible does say in ALL things. last I checked all meant all. so you and what army will stop me? if I yield to the Holy Spirit, none.

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